Why Search Marketing?

You have your mission, now how do you reach YOUR advocates? Search Engine Marketing is one way we suggest you consider.


Q: I have a website. How do I get people, especially my TARGET AUDIENCE, to find it?

A: One of the most effective ways of reaching your target audience is by showing a link to your website on the results page of a search engine, like Google. The reason for this high degree of effectiveness is that a link to your website shows up at the exact moment that someone is looking for something related to your business. As the saying goes... timing is everything.



Q: I have tried search engine optimization (SEO), and my website only shows up in the search results from time to time. How can I INCREASE the amount that my website shows up in SEARCH RESULTS?

A: Search engine marketing (SEM), also known as pay per click or PPC, allows you to place advertisements on a search engine when people are looking for something related to your business. Structurally, these advertisements are links to your website.



Q: Since I pay per click, how do I make sure that ONLY INTERESTED PEOPLE are coming to my website?

A: PPC can help because it allows you to control what message you have for your potential clients when your ads appear. Done expertly, your ads show up in front of your target audience and clearly convey your mission. By creating a solid first impression with people that have already shown interest in your business, you have taken the first step in building meaningful relationships with people who may become your advocates.



Q: We are a nonprofit, and DO NOT HAVE A LARGE BUDGET to spend on advertising even if the results are good, WHAT CAN WE DO?

A: While most companies pay for each click on their advertisements, Google offers generous grants for nonprofit organizations; $10,000 monthly to start and increasing up to $40,000 monthly if certain criteria can be met. ADvocate Media will help obtain this grant for you, and partner with you to create and manage a PPC program that perfectly aligns with your business objectives. The only bill you see is for our time. We define our success as your success, and so we aim to establish a partnership with you that is rooted in achieving your mission.