Search Engine Marketing Services

We leverage our expertise using and creating best-in-industry search engine marketing techniques with Fortune 100 clients to help nonprofits reach their ADvocates. Below are some examples of services we bring to your nonprofit or business.

Structure Management


An effective search engine marketing program requires a strong and flexible structure. We not only build the best programs, we guide them to stay aligned with an always-changing market place and your evolving business.

Campaign Structure

We build our campaign structure to align with your business objectives. Our approach allows us to reach your target audiences, and to strategically expand your reach.


Keyword Building

Our keyword lists reach the people that are likely to bring value to your business. After constructing your initial list, we continually monitor it to learn and to improve your reach.


Ad Copy

Our ad copy will build your brand, encourage meaningful action, and qualify the traffic to your website. Additionally, we construct our ad copy so that we can iteratively test and improve it.


Ad Extensions

We construct ad extensions to give your ads more real estate on the search engine results page, to further build your brand, and to create a solid user experience.

Bid and Budget Management

Return on Investment

Your business is unique, and your marketing budget requires expert care. Our bid and budget management expertly and effectively optimize your media spend against your particular business objectives.

Keyword Bidding

Our portfolio approach to keyword bidding maximizes the return on your overall keyword list. We ensure each keyword’s bid is set at a value that drives best return with respect to your entire portfolio.

Budget Management

We manage your budget to get the most out of your budget or Google grant. Upon reaching your full budget or grant, we employ zero-based budgeting principles to maximize your return.

Testing and Optimization


Search engine marketing is not a "set it and forget it" practice. We focus on continually learning about what works, and what doesn't work, for your account. This allows us to continually improve your program.

Element Testing

Each element of a pay per click program can be tested to determine a more optimal state or setting. We offer testing for all parts of your program so that you can get the most out of your Google grant or budget.

Landing Page Optimization

We maximize user experience with your pay per click marketing by selecting and optimizing the page which users land on once they have clicked your ad.

Program Audits


Do you have a search engine marketing program, but are unsure if it is really doing any good? We provide customized audits to properly clean up your program and help it grow, uninhibited by confusion and clutter.


Our program analyses are customized and thorough. We inspect each element of your paid search program in light of the latest industry capabilities to ensure that your program is firing on all cylinders.



For each element of your program, we provide detailed insights about how your program stacks up against industry best practices, and how it could be improved.


We package our insights into a prioritized list of recommendations. This ensures that no matter what your budget, you can obtain the most effective program within your budget.



In partnership with you, we create a plan of action based on your needs. We put our plan into action and together create an ongoing effective marketing tool for your business.



We provide clear and insightful reporting into all relevant aspects of your pay per click program. This allows us to routinely inform and collaborate with you when determining next steps for your program.