Facebook Marketing Services

Aristotle identified three aspects of effective communication; credibility, establishing a meaningful connection with your audience, and appealing to your audience's sense of reason. ADvocate Media uses these aspects of effective communication and industry best practices to grow your business.

Building your Social Strategy


We will help you create a focused strategy for your Facebook media. This includes defining your business objectives; creating a plan for using Facebook's different promotional tools, determining how to integrate Facebook with with your other marketing channels; choosing what format of content you will post, determining the most effective audience, designing the structure and content of your posts, and identifying the tone of your posts. Lastly, we will work together to create an editorial plan of when your content will be posted.

Growing and Nurturing your Audience

Grow Audience

There are a lot of people that you can connect with on Facebook. We will help you build an initial audience that are likely to become your advocates. We will then work to provide this audience with content that inspires, entertains,  and informs. As we learn more about your audience, we will patiently expand your business's connections to expand your reach.

Promoting You to People who Care

Play Content

Once your advocates are identified, we can target them and their social networks with appropriate promotional material. This will allow you to effectively promote your Facebook page and your website, and to generate leads using targeted promotional advertisements.

Posting Content—Made Easy

Schedule Content

While your company may have content you want to share a few times a month, it can be difficult and time consuming to figure out what to post on a scheduled basis. We use the latest technology to streamline this process and find content that your advocates will like to consume. Afraid that you won't reach many people on Facebook? We can amplify your posts to reach new audiences that are targeted against each of your business objectives.